Welcome to Seshadripuram Independent Pre-University College

Seshadripuram Independent Pre-University College at Kengeri Satellite Town is fathered by Seshadripuram Educational Trust. It is one of the reputed colleges in the area which is dedicated to impart 'Education Par Excellence' to quench the academic thirst of zealous students hailing from both urban and rural areas.

The College has excellent infrastructure facilities and other features to cater the needs of student community in the competitive era. It aims at holistic development of the students with equal emphasis on co-curricular activities in order to develop the talent and mental ability of the students.

Personal and public cleanliness, obedience, punctuality, regularity, participation in programmes in a spirit of co-operation, showing respect to elders, sympathy, modesty in behaviour, offering hospitality to guests, unreserved appreciation of what is good, these virtues are cultivated in our esteemed institution by experienced staff.

"Seize the right opportunity to reform and to progress with academic excellence in the better career opportunity."

Principal's Desk

I thank the people in and around Kengeri for the love, faith, and trust in us and the management of Seshadripuram Education Trust. I am very fortunate to head one of the prestigious colleges in the state of Karnataka that is known for quality education....