Enrollment started for I PUC with Scholarship. Science PCMB / PCMC / PCME with NEET / JEE / KCET / online test (with study material) and Commere CEBA/SEBA/MEBA. For more details visit campus 9am to 3pm / Contact Principal Dr. R. Manjunath, 080-22955377 / 7975571138 / 9845641152

Mentoring & Counselling

What the students really need are proper ideas, inspiring models and appropriate guidance to help them realize their follies and correct themselves.

We at SIPUC rather than criticizing them violently, attacking verbally, condemning out rightly and hurting their self confidence and self respect point out their errors and correct undisciplined and indifferent students with love and understanding

Class Teachers

Sl. No. Class/Section Class Teacher Department
1. I PU A1 Section Science (PCMB) Smt. Roopa B. R. Physics
Sri. Manoj D. Chemistry
2. I PU C1 Section Science(PCMC/E) Smt. Geetha R. Electronics
Sri. Nithin B. R. Physics
3. I PU D1 Section Commerce (CEBA) Sri. Prakash Joshi Computer Science
Smt. Nayana K.H. Commerce
4. I PU E1 Section Commerce (CEBA) Sri. Karthikeyan K. Computer Science
Kum. Sindhu H. R. Kannada
5. I PU F1 Section Commerce (C/MEBA) Sri. Nagaraj M. Computer Science
Smt. Dhakshayini D. Economics
6. I PU G1 Section Commerce (SEBA) Sri. Chandrashekar S. L. Kannada
Smt. Kavitha K.N. Commerce
7. II PU A2 Section Science (PCMB) Sri. Srinivas M.T. Biology
Smt. Madhura H. B Mathematics
8. II PU C2 Section Science (PCMC/E) Smt. D. A. L. Tulasi Mathematics
Smt. Kusuma P. Computer Science
9. II PU D2 Section Commerce (CEBA) Sri. Karthik S. Commerce
Smt. Ranjini M.J. Computer Science
10. II PU E2 Section Commerce (CEBA) Smt. Bhagya H.R. Economics
Smt. Sowmya P. Hiremath Commerce
11. II PU F2 Section Commerce(CEBA/MEBA) Smt. Shobha N. English
Smt. Savitha V. Commerce
12. II PU G2 Section Commerce (SEBA) Smt. Sneha W. Atgur English
Sri. Sunil H. C. Statistics